A Butterfly's Life Cycle
You will be using the internet to visit many websites about butterflies.  These sites will give you information about the four stages of a butterfly's lifecycle.

                1.  egg        2.  caterpillar     3.  chrysalis    4. butterfly

Task 1
Facts about a butterfly egg
- Draw an egg.
Task 2
Facts about a caterpillar for your Butterfly Book.
-  Read and describe what a caterpillar eats.
-  Draw and label the caterpillar.
Task 3
Facts about a chrysalis for your Butterfly Book.
- Draw and label the chrysalis.
Facts about a butterfly for your Butterfly Book.
Task 4
- Draw and label the butterfly.
-  Answer the following questions.

1.   How does the antenna help the butterfly ?

2.  Can butterfly see colors?

3.  What is a proboscis?

4.  How many legs do a butterfly have and what is special about them?
Task 5
-  View a quicktime movie of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.
-  Read, draw, and label each stage.
Tasks 6, 7 and 8 are optional.
Task 6
Complete a drag and drop puzzle
Task 7
Answer questions about the butterfly and unscramble the picture
Task 8
Send a butterfly postcard to a friend
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