Walsh's Wonderful Workers
Important Dates to Remember

Oct. 7    Progress Reports
Oct. 7 - 9  Miss Walsh at a workshop

Oct. 9    Main Event
Oct. 15  Early Release
Oct. 28  Pep Rally!!!
Instructional Information:


The last two weeks of October will be spent learning how to use our parts of speech and syllable knowledge in poetry.  We will work on rhyme scheme as well.  We will use cinquain, haiku, and rhyme poetry examples to help us.  I will introduce figurative language as our new skill.  As we read poetry we will work on comprehension, facts, sequencing, context, and drawing conclusions.  Tje students will wrap up this study by writing their own poetry!

Please call or email if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. 
[email protected]
ext. 114

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