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Welcome to the Renaissance Homepage
*Page updated by: Kaylee & Ms.Gailey*
-Renaissance card reguirements-
GOLD- all A's - NO office refferals
SILVER - A's & B's - only 1 refferal
WHITE - NO F's - 4 point improvment - no more than 2 refferals.
What is Renaissance?        
A program which seeks to motivate students and staff on their journey towards excellence in academics and citzenship.
How can I become a sponsor?
In order to make this a succesful motivational program, we need DONATIONS of prizes and money. We also need to be able to add "BUSINESS PARTNERS" who offer discounts to cardholders.
Contact persons: Janet Hill or Megan McNutt
          Phone: 704-788-4140
          Email: [email protected]
                     [email protected]

  3 year sponsor:

Positive Identity Solutions
Ms. Kachmarik and Ms. Kundla will be the new  Renaissance Teachers for next year.
Renaissance Happenings
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