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Information on K-12 Education in NC
Bienvenidos a nuestra clase!
Welcome to our Spanish class. Together we will learn about the Spanish language and culture.  Each level of this course  will present  you with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Hispanic world.  Enjoy our class!
What's new in our class?
Through this site, you can find out about what we are doing in our classes.  You can receive information about the Spanish speaking world by means of the links below, as well as major homework assignments, quizzes and tests. Should you wish to speak to me, please feel free  to contact me here at the school. You can do this either by phone or e-mail.

I have second period planning (9.00 - 10.48 am). The school phone number is: (704) 786-0125. My room number is 338.

Classroom rules:

1.- Obey all school rules and policies; 2.- Listen and follow instructions; 3.- Speak in Spanish as much as you can and participate to the best of your ability.  4.- Respect all members of the group


1.- Each time one of our rules is not adhered to a check will be placed against your name.
2.- Three checks and  you will be sent to the Control Room.and your parents will be notified.
  Our rules are for the benefit of the whole class.  Please respect them
NC Wise Owl
El Pais - Spanish newspaper
Cervantes Library
Cabarrus County Schools
Central Home Page
Class Links
[email protected]
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Assignments - SPANISH IV
26 - 30January 2004

Wed 28 January - End of Unit Test
Galeria de Arte y Vida - Chapter 1

Test to include: Information on 6 artists presented in the Chapter, Vocabulary from the Chapter, Present Tense (irregular + radical changers), adjectival agreements, demonstratives, possessives, phonetic spelling changes.
Assignments - SPANISH I
26 - 30 January 2004

Chapter 2 - Buen Viaje
Students will learn how to:
Describe people and things
Talk about more than one person or thing
Talk about school subjects and express opinions about them
Talk about the time and at what time events take place
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