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Webquest for Earth Day

A Long Way From Chicago Literature Circle Unit

ThinkQuest for remembrance of Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7th)



                            Reader's Theatre Scripts:

                                    Lisa Blau                The Reading Lady

                                    Rick Swallow         Fiction Teachers.com



Helpful Websites:


Reading/Writing/Language Arts

www.readwritethink.org - Reading & Language Arts lesson plans

www.lesn.appstate.edu/fryeem - Dr. Beth Frye's homepage (ASU)


www.grammarbook.com - Puctuation, Capitalization, & Everythhing Grammar

http://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/marks/marks.htm - all about punctuation marks

www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0882902.html - Grammer and Spelling



http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/Graphing/ - Create graphs on-line

http://cuacs8.mck.ncsu.edu/mathsampleitems/main.html - EOG Test Prep


Social Studies

www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/ - Newspapers/Frontpages/Current Events

www.congresslink.org/print_basics_histmats_constitution_contents.htm - Constitution Website

http://congressforkids.net/Constitution_index.htm - Constitution for Kids



www.bbc.co/uk/schools/scienceclips/index_flash.shtml - Science by ages



www.mikids.com - technology integration

www.internet4classrooms.com - Internet Workshops



www.lesn.appstate.edu/olson - Everything you need to know about assessment

http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php - Create your own rubrics


Miscellaneous Activities/Lesson Plans/Resources

www.enchantedlearning.com - Various activities for the classroom

www.edsitement.neh.gov - lesson plans for humanities


Special Needs Children

www.ldonline.org - Learning Disabilities

www.readplease.com - Reads text; ideal for visually impaired

http://ets.freetranslation.com - translates text into other languages




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