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Daily Notebooks





Each day students write all of their homework assignments and any special announcements or upcoming events in their planners.  Planners should be signed each night by a parent or guardian and returned to school in the daily notebook.  Please check your child's planner each day to stay informed about happenings within our classroom, school, and community.



Research suggests that an appropriate amount of homework for children is ten minutes per grade level.  Therefore, 3rd graders should not expect to spend more than 30 minutes per night on homework assignments.  All homework assignments will be based on skills and concepts already learned in class.  If your child is struggling with homework or consistently spending more than 30 minutes on homework, then please let me know.

A major component of homework is reading.  It is important that children read at home in order to build fluency and improve comprehension skills.  Your child is responsible for reading a minimum of ___ minutes per week.  This can be completed at your family's convenience during each week.  A reading log documenting your child's reading is due each Monday morning.

I make every attempt to allow your child to self-select their at-home reading material from our classroom library.  However, I encourage you to have reading material available at home in case he/she forgets his book at school.  Students can read from books, newspapers, magazines, etc. and can choose from a variety of reading methods/strategies which can include but are not limited to reading silently, aloud, or with a partner.



When your child is absent, I will gather all assignments and have them ready on the day he/she returns to school.  Your child will have three school days to complete and turn-in the assignments.




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