Pictures of the two classes I taught my unit, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry to during my internship at Mountain View Elementary.
Mr. Gardner's Class
Mrs. Church's Class
My Internship
During my fall semester of 2003, I was required to complete and internship for Block II.  For my internship I was placed at Mountain View Elementary School in Jefferson, North Carolina, which is located in Ashe County.  My cooperating teacher during my internship was Mrs. Theresa Church, who teaches sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies.  For this internship, I had the responsibility of teaching a reading unit on the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry,and doing many observations for my Appalachian State classes. When Mrs. Church had to miss time due to an illness, I assumed more responsibility, such as teaching Language Arts and Spelling, and handling more of the classroom management.  
All of the students pictured on this webpage gave permission by signing a media release form.
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