Exploring Technology
Career Decisions
Mr. Smith is the tech teacher at our school
About Our Program
Exploring Technology
Exploring Technology is a Career and Technical Education class which introduces seventh and eighth grade students to the four areas of technology: communication, transportation, construction and manufacturing.
As an "exploratory course," students receive an overview of these fields and learn basic concepts, skills, and work-related expectations. Instruction is carried out in a  multimedia lab which features a proven curriculum.
In most of the units students work in teams of two as they carry out experiments and work on projects. The program is designed to include extensive hands-on activities which research shows helps children learn.
Additionally, in each of the 15 available units students must explore a career that is in the field they are studying. This provides them information about possible careers they may wish to pursue.
Typically, a student will go through 6-7 units in a semester. If openings permit, students may enroll in the lab in both the seventh and eighth grades.
Career Decisions
Career Decisions is for sixth graders. Students rotate during the semester through three classrooms -- Life Skills, Technology, and Keyboarding, Business and Marketing.
Students learn how their interests are connected to possible careers, find out how education affects their job opportunities, and study other aspects of work. In addition, they will be involved in activities which are representative of the classes where they take part in this program. There are no formal homework assignments.
All work for Exploring Technology classes is done in the lab. There are no homework assignments. However, extra credit work can be done outside of class.
It is critical that students make up missed work as grades are assigned daily. Work that is not completed is an automatic zero.
What's New?
Our students have completed three units during the first nine weeks of school. The grade which will appear on the report card this quarter will be the average of the two highest grades -- the lowest unit grade will be dropped.

As we begin the second quarter, some new rules are being implemented. All unit grades this quarter will count.

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Parents and students will soon have available online some new resources about each workstation in the lab. The information can be downloaded and printed out.

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