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Classroom Rules and Consequences


Each and everyone of you are responsible for helping create a classroom environment that:

Allows you to learn, Allows others to learn, and Allows me to help you learn.

“If every student in this class was just like me, what kind of class would this be?”


Classroom Rules


1.        Obey all school rules.


2.        Be courteous to other classmates and the teacher.


3.        Be in the Right Place, at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing.


4.        Follow directions the first time.


5.        Follow all safety guidelines as outlined in the lab safety policy handout.


6.      During group work and labs, do not become so loud that you disturb other groups.  Keep your conversations within your group.  Follow the directions as given in the lab or prior to the lab.





1.        First Offense – Students involved will receive a warning or conference, depending upon the circumstances.   

   This warning will be verbal and it shall be the only warning.


2.        Second Offense – After School detention or phone call to parents.  Detention may be served that day or the next

          A phone call or email may be made to the parents of the student.


3.        Third Offense -  Student sent to the control room. Parent contact via phone or email.


        Students may be sent to Control Room for the remainder of the class time without prior warning if offense merits this action

                                  :receives a mandatory detention from administration. 

                                  Parent/Teacher conferences may be needed at this time.


Keys to success:


  1. Punctuality – Be in the classroom and ready to begin class when the bell rings.  Remain in your seat until the bell rings or the teacher has dismissed you.


  1. Preparation – Always be responsible and bring Pens or Pencils, Notebook paper, and the Correct Book with you to class everyday.


  1. Maturity – Keep your feet, hands and all other objects to yourself.  Do Not touch Anyone or Anything that

               does not belong to you. 


  1. Consideration – Be considerate to others during announcements by remaining quiet.  Do Not talk while other classmates are answering questions in class.  Only one person may speak at any one time.


  1. Participation – Help keep the classroom and the area around your seat neat and clean at all times.

                                  Become actively involved in classroom discussions. It makes it more fun. Work cooperatively

                                  with the teacher and your classmates during classroom activities.



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