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Mrs. Beane's K- Class
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Welcome to the busy life of a kindergarten student.
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Homework Assignments
Please study these words:  I    a   see  it  go  me  is  can  at  in  to  up  the come  we  like  look  she  he  my 
First Grade words:  on and you be
Read each night with your child.  Let them pick out our spelling words. 
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Ever wonder what happened on a particular day in time.
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Want to see what is new in sports, click on this icon.
Here we go and we are off to a good start. 
It is hard to believe Easter break has come and gone and we are now in the home stretch.
Whee!!!The year has flown by.

Please do homework and return by Friday.
Lip poppers, tip tappers and tongue scrapers. WHAT?   These are our introduction to sounds that letters make.    Ask your child to share this knowledge with you.  Ms. McLeod our speech teacher has been visiting our room and helping us with this exciting way to hear, practice and look at the way sounds are made.
       Planned Field Trips
           Activities left :
Zoo Trip - May 18
   Dan Nicholas Park extended day - May 20
   Math Science Day May 21
   Year End Activity May 26
   Kindergarten in Song -  May 27  9:00 AM

Adding and subtracting simple numbers using objects.
Sharing equally between 2 people and sorting by a given rule.

Don't forget to support our school on :
Chick Fil - A nights and Skate Night
Miss Davis our Student Cadet from SWR High School  and I will be at Chick Fil-A May 3 ,       COME SEE US THERE
We had a visit from Precious and Mrs. Lambeth.  He already can count to 5 and then high fives her.
    We have been studying all        about rabbits.  Next ...

Life cycle of a butterfly begins with the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, then the butterfly.
We raised this butterfly and released it in our courtyard.
Life in Kindergarten is a fast paced one, here is what we did at the end of the year in 2004.  See you back at school on August 9.
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