Mrs. Ruddy's Room
Weekly update of 9/10-9/14

Math:   Test 9/14
                Review of subtraction with
                zeros through millions

Spelling:   Test every Friday
                      Current words:
gunnysack, mournful, abandoned,
                  suspicious, sympathy, belches, slogs,
                 and investigator

Science:   See Mrs. Kessler's page here

Reading:   Shiloh
                       Traveling Tales this week is Caity B

 Religion:   Studying the Beatitudes

 Language:   Subject v. Predicate test 9/11

 Social Studies:  Quiz Friday, 9/14
                                   Know your oceans, continents,
                                   3 NC regions, and your zip code

 Spanish:   Welcome Miss Doyle!  To see her   
                       website, click here


 Other Important Information:

Students must be taking and passing atleast one RC test per month.  This is part of their reading grade.

Please make sure your student is reading nightly and practicing his or her multiplication facts.

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