Nancy C. Diamond - Photographer
I received my first camera at the age of eight, and was promptly bitten by the photography bug.  Overwhelmed by the ability the camera gave me to freeze moments in time, I burned through as much film as my father would pay for, photographing such arcane subjects as dead trees and cow pies.  Only later in life did it become clear that this was the start of a career.

I began to get serious about my photography in 1995, and in 1999 I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography.  I specialize in outdoor and nature photography using only natural light.  I love being outdoors, and I'm addicted to bright colors.  My camera goes everywhere with me, and I find subject matter anywhere I happen to be, from my back yard to cities, or mountains.

I have recently begun writing Haiku poetry to go with some of my photos.  I value simplicity, be it in photography, music, poetry, or life in general.  Haiku, being only three lines in length, and of five, seven, and five syllables respectively, forces me to condense my ideas to a clear, simple, basic level.  In writing the poems I found out just how difficult that can be!

I currently reside in upstate New York, and am helping to raise my nine year old granddaughter.  Once again I'm seeing the world through the eyes of a child, and this time I have not only camera, but pen in hand as well.

I hope you enjoy my photos, and if you would like to purchase an enlargement for your home, or as a gift, please contact me at
[email protected].
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