What We Offer

Are you looking to meet other people that share your interests? Would you like to learn more about what the greater Deerfield community has to offer? Then, we invite you to join us. Men and women are welcome, whether you recently moved to Deerfield, Highland Park, Bannockburn or Riverwoods or whether you have lived in these areas for a couple of years.

Who We Are

Newcomers and Neighbors of the Deerfield Area is primarily a social organization which provides opportunities for you to meet people, make friends, and become acquainted with the community, all while participating in a wide variety of fun activities and special events.


The purpose of the club is to foster friendship among members of the organization and other newcomers to the community, to create a civic interest in our community, and to acquaint newcomers with the advantages of Deerfield. The club was founded in 1949 by Martha Jordan.


The Newcomers Club of Deerfield has made contributions to various local organizations over the past years, including Deerfield Family Days, The Deerfield Committee of Arden Shore, Care-A-Thon, Habitat for Humanity, Deerfield Area Historical Society, Orphans of the Storm, Family Network, Ryerson Woods, Infant Welfare Society, Deerfield Educational Advancement Foundation District #109, and the Deerfield and Highland Park Public Libraries. Although philanthropy is not the objective of this club, donations are made when funds are available.

2004-2005 Executive Board

President: Lisa Kamen e-mail
1st Vice President: Kris Van Stockum e-mail
2nd Vice President: Beth Perlman e-mail
Secretary: Patty Kuehmann e-mail
Treasurer: Candace Browdy e-mail
Membership: Stephanie Oettinger e-mail
Hospitality: Karyn Kamen e-mail
Publicity: Jennifer McKinney e-mail
Newsletter: Natasha Goldberg e-mail
Advisor: Karla Finley e-mail
Advertising: Kristina Lutz e-mail
Fundraising: Angelique Wentzel e-mail
Webmaster: Michael Weiskirch e-mail

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