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Next Test: September 18, 2004

Welcome to NCC Agility! This is an event for cyber dogs. Here cyber dogs can win the title AGCh.!!

To become an agility champion, a dog must pass five levels of Agility: AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4 and AG5. All dogs have a 50% chance of passing on each attempt, and the results are random. If a dog fails the same level five times in a row, he can not be entered again. This is very rare, but some cyber dogs just aren't suited for agility.

This test is open to all breeds! You may enter up to 5 dogs each test.
Entries must be received prior to the day of the test. Entries received the day of the test will be entered in the next test.

Once a dog has passed all five levels, it receives the title AGCh. at the end of its name!


Run by Kieli-Anne of Kieli Kennels
Previously by Tiju of Legends

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