Next Test: October 18, 2004.

Welcome to NCC Tracking!

This is an event for cyber dogs. Here cyber dogs can win the title TRCh.!!

To become an tracking champion, a dog must pass five levels of Tracking: TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4 and TR5. All dogs have a 50% chance of passing on each attempt, and the results are random. If a dog fails the same level five times in a row, he cannot be entered again. This is very rare, but some cyber dogs, just like real life dogs, weren't made for tracking.

This test is open to all breeds! You may enter up to 5 dogs each test. Entries must be received prior to the day of the test.

More About The Levels:
TR1's test is set in an open field where the dog must locate something just by it's smell!
TR2's test is the same as TR1 only it's setting is in a forest with a different object!
TR3's test is again similar to the previous two only it is set in a city!
TR4's test is in a city, in the snow.
And TR5's test is in a city, while it is raining!!

Entering Dogs | Results

Once a dog have finished TR5 they will recieve this trophy as well!!

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