USS Armageddon NCC-86435

Akira-class Heavy Cruiser




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==Danube-class Runabout USS Vanguard==


Sat in the co-pilotís seat on the Vanguard, JíRox was apprehensive about returning to the ship. There had been a change of command and a major refit since his last visit.. Everything was bound to be different; the ship, the crewÖthe very atmosphere. He closed his eyes, and his antenna drooped towards his brow. The pilot hit him on the arm and laughed.


Davis: Donít fall asleep just yet. Wait Ďtil we get on board.


JíRox shot back an aggressive scowl, but Davis thought nothing of it. Sighing, the Andorian slumped back into his chair.


After what seemed like an age, the form of an Akira-class vessel loomed ahead of them. They began the long, curving approach vector that would line them up with the Shuttlebay. Davis, a skilled pilot, brought the runabout in tight along the saucer section of the vessel, so that they flew in front of many of the viewports where the majority of the crew would be relaxing. The comm crackled.


ALC: Approaching vessel this is Armageddon Landing Control. Please identify yourself.


JíRox leaned forward, and entered in a few commands on his control panel. The face of a Chief Petty Officer filled the small display screen. JíRox put on his ďhappyĒ face.


JíRox: This is the Federation Runabout USS Vanguard. We request landing clearance.

The Landing Control officer seemed to be checking a few things in his records. Obviously finding what he wanted, his focus returned to the Runabout. He smiled, feebly.


ALC: Roger that Vanguard. Weíve been expecting you. You are cleared to land in Shuttlebay 01.


JíRox: Thanks Armageddon. Vanguard out.


The Andorian nodded to Davis, who brought the ship into its final approach through the rear doors of the Armageddonís huge landing bay. Landing on the upper level, the ship nestled itself between a Type-9 and a Scoutship. JíRox rose from his seat.


JíRox: Letís off-load the passengers.


He stepped into the rear compartment, and addressed the assembled group of civilians and officers alike.


JíRox: We have arrived on the Armageddon. If you would kindly step through the egress hatch, some of the Shuttlebay staff can begin off-loading your luggage.


As the group filed out of the ship, Davis and JíRox tagged along at the back.













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