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Frequently Asked Question


Q. What is an RPG?

A. A RPG is a Role Playing Game. In this case it is an online role playing game based on star trek. We each write part of the story to give it a unique, exciting and fun twist to it!

Q. What is an NPC?

A. NPC stands for Non-playing Character.  An NPC may be a "red-shirt" crewmember or a villain.  You may introduce an NPC at any time as you see fit to progress the game's plot.  However, too many NPCs in a story may become confusing.

Q. How do I join?

A. First read through this FAQ and read the Guidelines as well. Depending on where we are in our missions you might be able to join mid episode. If that is the case you also should read the current episode. We will be archiving all past episodes on this site and they are also available on SpaceDock. You will need to go to SpaceDock in order to join, so go check it out and become a member. Then you can private message either of the moderators of that forum with character information and we will take you from there.




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