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** Link to youth site added (see below) The 2002 youth meet schedule is on the site.
** A tentative date of August 10, 2002 has been set for a Level I Coaches Clinic.
cancelled **
** Date for NC Association of USATF Annual Meeting/Elections will be August 25, 2002 at 2pm at NCCU Law School.  Committee meetings at 1pm

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2001 Annual Meeting Minutes

 Sanction Information


Contact List

 Paul Hronjak President  (252) 237-8218 [email protected]
 Dr. Walter High Vice-President  (919) 968-1468 [email protected]
 Pat Adair Secretary (919) 556-0144  
Marian Lein Treasurer (919) 542-4790 [email protected]

 Sports Chairs
George Williams Men's Track and Field  (919) 516-4236 [email protected]
Open Women's Track and Field  
Ken Cox Masters Track and Field  (919) 552-4423 [email protected]
Maureen Smith Youth  (919) 552-0206 [email protected]
Chris Crowder Men's LDR  (919) 932-6634 [email protected]
Missy Foy Women's LDR  (919) 644-1122 [email protected]
Tom Deming Master's LDR  (704) 542-2878 [email protected]
Dr. Andy Briggs Racewalk  (919) 575-4164 [email protected]

 Executive Chairs
Michael Gibson Budget and Finance (910) 424-2821  
Dr. Walter High Bylaws and Rules (919) 968-1468 [email protected]
Mike Elder Coaches Advisory (919) 546-0409 [email protected]
Katherine Branch Member Services (919) 772-6119 [email protected]
Don Lein Nominations/Planning (919) 542-4790 [email protected]
Tony Wayne Officials (919) 363-0103 [email protected]
Dr. Neville Wood Records (919) 846-6374 [email protected]
Ben Dillon Sanctions, Standards and Evaluation (919) 231-0193 [email protected]
Paul Hronjak (acting) Road Running Technical (252) 237-8218 [email protected]

 Other Board Members
Dr. Ole Holsti  Athlete's Advisory (919) 942-4232 [email protected]
Don Lein  Athlete's Advisory (919) 542-4790 [email protected]
Antonio Pettigrew Athlete's Advisory (919) 516-4236  
Mike Valle Athlete's Advisory [email protected]
  Athlete's Advisory    
Dr. AC Linnerud  Past Presidents' Representative (919) 233-8150  
Erika Baxter At-Large (919) 876-5674  
Dick Courtney At-Large (919) 481-1257  
Mike Marion At-Large (910) 577-5461  [email protected]
Mark Scott  At-Large (800) 611-9907 [email protected]

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