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What Makes You Different
  (Makes You Beautiful)
You don't run with the crowd,
You go your own way,
You don't play after dark,
You light up my day,
Got your own kind of style, that sets you apart,
Baby, that's why you captured my heart,
I know sometimes you feel like you don't fit in,
And this world doesn't know,
What you have within,
When I look at you, I see something rare,
A rose that can grow anywhere (grow anywhere),
And there's no one I know that can compare

What makes you different, makes you beautiful,
What's there inside you, shines through to me,
In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need,
You're all I need, oh girl,
What makes you different,
Makes you beautiful to me

Hey, yeah,
You got something so real,
You touched me so deep, (touched me so deep),
Say material things, don't matter to me,
So come as you are, you've got nothing to prove,
You won me with all that you do,
And I want to take this chance to say to you


You don't know, how you touched my life,
Oh, in so many ways, I just can't describe,
You taught me what love is supposed to be,
You saw the little things,
That make you beautiful to me, (so beautiful),
What makes you...


Everything in you is beautiful, (so beautiful),
Love you give shines right through me,
Everything in you is beautiful,
You're beautiful to me, (to me)
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