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Old News &
March 3, 2002
  Hey Everyone! Well, the Backstreet Boys didn't win a Grammy. It sucks, but I'm hoping they will next year. They are going to be working with Jermaine Dupri and possibly Fred Durst (as I've heard) on their next album. Nick is going to have an album released with his old songs he sang before BSB. I expect that both albums will be awesome! Gotta go! KTBSPA!!
May 15, 2002
  Hey Everyone! The Backstreet Boys are currently working on their new album that is set to come out sometime around August. I can't wait to hear it! Also, Nick will be joining his little brother, Aaron Carter, on tour. They will be at Wango Tango in California, and at the B96 Summer Bash tour in Illinois. I hope I get a chance to see the concert! KTBSPA!!
June 30, 2002
   Hey Everybody! I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I went to the B96 Summer Bash that Nick, and his brother, Aaron, were at. It was awesome! I will have a review later on. Nick's solo album is set to be out around the end of September, around the same time as the new BSB album. I can't wait for them. I'm sure they will both be great! KTBSPA!!
July 23, 2002
    Hey People!! Nick's new solo album is rumored to be released on October 8th. It will be titled, "Now or Never." I have heard a few clips, including "Help Me," which is said to be his first single coming out in August. From what I've heard, the album is going to be really awesome. Please support Nick by picking up his album and KTBSPA!!
September 6, 2002
     Hey!! Sorry I haven't updated in forever. This site has been up for over a year now! YAY!! lol Anyways, Nick's album is coming out October 29th. The first single, "Help Me," is already on radio stations. Nick was voted "Sexiest Guy in the World" by CosmoGIRL recently, too. His little brother, Aaron's, new album came out Sept. 3rd. It's doing very well. KTBSPA!!
December 26, 2001
  Hey everyone! Well, I added my fan fiction story, "Again." If you want to submit your story, the information about it is in the fan fiction page. Well, I think AJ is getting married. I found it on a site, and it seems pretty official. Not sure, though! Also, I added a little something for the holidays. Go to "Christmas" to see it! Happy Holidays and KTBSPA!!
February 1, 2002
  Hey! Well, everyone has heard about Nick's arrest, but the charges are probably going to be dropped. Also, AJ IS getting married. Congrats to him! Happy Birthday, Nick, since I never got to say it on your real birthday. I'm sorry I haven't updated! I took off the Willa page, too. I'm going to an Aaron Carter Concert later, so I'll add a review. Well, gotta go. KTBSPA!!
April 14, 2002
  Hey Everybody! Nick got himself into another again. He, supposedly, argued with his bodyguard and ended up punching him. I read that things are back to normal now, though. Also, the Backstreet Boys are with new management. They've picked 2 guys to help them with their endeavors: Irving Azoff and Howard Kaufman. Good luck, BSB!! KTBSPA everyone!!
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