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Like A Child
If I Could Right The Wrongs,
That Made You Cry,
The Words You Promised,
Not To Say Goodbye,
Cause I'm Holding On,
With A Love So Strong,
And I Can't Take A Day,
Without You By My Side

Girl If I Could,
If I Could Change Your Mind,
Baby You Could Help Me,
Wipe These Tears From My Eyes

Girl Don't Stop,
The Sun From Shining Down On Me,
Cause I Can't Face Another Day,
Without Your Smile,
And If You Take Away The Loving Arms,
That Surround Me,
Then I Might Break Down And Cry,
Just Like A Child

Girl I Can't Belong And I Won't Be Free,
If I Fail To Bring You Back To Me,
So I'm Pressing On,
I Hope You Understand,
There's A Broken Heart,
That Lies Inside Your Hands

Girl If I Could,
And It Won't Hurt Your Pride,
Baby You Can Help Me,
Stop These Tears That I Cry


Like A Child, Just Like A Child,
With The Spirits Running Free,
She Showed Me Why,
Oh, She Did

Like A Child, Just Like A Child,
Think Of What Our Love Could Be,
If Our Hearts Would Set Us Free,
Like A Child

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