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If You Knew What I Knew
Main Characters:
Aimee is Brian's ex-girlfriend. She makes a big mistake about their relationship. When she tries to patch things up, she falls in love with someone else.
Brian is Aimee's ex-boyfriend. He is caught doing something that ruins their relationship, even though it was all a big mistake. He never got a chance to explain... now he wants her back.
Nick is Brian's best friend. He falls in love with someone that he shouldn't be in love with. He tries helping with problems in the story, but makes them worse. 
Other Characters include Aimee's best friend (Christa), Brian's girlfriend (Leighanne), Brian's other ex-girlfriend (Samantha), and the other Backstreet Boys.
The Story:
The story is about a girl named Aimee who broke up with Brian because of a big mistake that wasn't supposed to happen. When she sees him again, she tries to make things work with him, but she ends up falling in love with a different person... which Boy will she choose??
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