Info About Nick
Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter
Nicknames: Nicky, Kaos, Frack, and Messy Marvin
Birthdate: January 28, 1980
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Place of Birth: WCA Hospital in Jamestown, New York
Height: 6'2
Weight: About 175 lbs.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue (very cute!!)
Shoe Size: 11
Siblings: Two sisters, Twins (boy and girl), half sister
Fave Color: Green
Fave Food: Pizza with everything except anchovies on it
Fave Bands: Nirvana and Journey
Fave Song: "Open Arms" by Journey
Fave BSB song: "Shining Star"
Fave Movie: Aliens
Fave Actresses: Sigourney Weaver, Christina Ricci
Fave Holiday: Halloween
Fave Cologne: Gravity
Fave Place To Be: In a boat on the ocean
Fears: Sharks, Flying, Dark Places
Loves To: Play sports, play video games, draw
Self-Concious About: His Weight, His Ears
First Kiss: 8 years old
Ever Been In Love: No
Did Commercials For: Florida State Lottery and The Money Store
Instrument He Plays: Drums
Became A Backstreet Boy: 13 years old
Current Years With BSB: 8 years
Band Originated In: Orlando, Florida
Best Friend in BSB: Brian
His Best Advice: Never give up
Looks For In A Girl: Personality, Dark Hair, but it "Doesn't really matter"
Turn-ons: Not being shy, Self-confidence
Turn-offs: Girls who cheat, lie, and/or smoke
Fantasy: Walking on a moonlit beach with a girl
Fact: He Turned Down The Mickey Mouse Club to be with BSB
Fact: He had a small part in the movie "Edward Scissorhands"
Fact: He was considered unpopular in school
Fact: He can grumpy in the morning
Fact: He is a certified scuba diver
Fact: He currently has nine tattoos
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