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My Concert (Sept. 22)
   The day that I went to my third Backstreet Boys concert was one of the best days of my life. After getting ready for the concert for most of the day, my mom, my friend Amber, my cousin Mandy, and I, all started driving to get to Chicago where they were having their concert. We had to stop a couple times on the way there, since it was an hour and a half away and we had never been there before. Once we got there, it was so amazing. They handed out things for you to do while you were waiting for the show to start and gel pens. It was awesome! After Amber and I both bought a shirt, we went to go sit at our seats. First, VI3 came on, and they were pretty cool. The blond one was hot (not sure of his name)! After they sang a few of their songs, Sisqo came on. His performance was totally awesome!! He looked really hot and his songs were cool (especially "The Thong Song")! After he performed, it seemed to take forever for the Boys to come on. In between the performances, they would show little commercials on the screen. When Nsync came on this one commercial, everyone started "booing" them. It was funny. They, also, gave out some prizes to people in certain seats before BSB came on. Then, when the lights went down for the Backstreet Boys to come out, everyone went wild! It started out with the meteorites hitting the Earth, and, then, the Boys rose up on pedestals. They stayed there a while and came down. They were wearing black and blue outfits that they really looked hot in. They did this little dance and started singing "Everyone". Then, they went into "Larger Than Life".  Amber and I were doing the dance to it as they were singing the song. It was SO cool! Then, they went to go change, and a girl came out doing this dance thing. She was really good. After that, they came out to do "Not For Me". They were wearing red and black outfits, and it was like fire in the background. I loved it! Then, they all went into their "trap doors", and Brian came out. He was like asking who had certain CDs and who wanted to see more of one of the guys. Of course, everyone screamed when he asked the questions. After him, AJ came out. He announced that it had been 80 days sober and everyone screamed as loud as they could! We were so proud of him. He said a few other things, and then Nick came out. He's like, "Let's give it up for AJ one more time," and then "Now let's give a big round of applause for America! Yeah!". He looked so hot! Then he thanked us, and Howie came out. He talked about how people in Chicago helped raise $6,000 for his charity and thanked us for being there that night. Then, Kevin came out, thanked us, and dedicated "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" to all the ladies there. They all rose up sitting on stools, wearing white outfits, singing that song. It was so wonderful! It reminded me of my last Black and Blue concert that I went to, since Nick had smiled at me during that song. After that, they came out doing a dance routine with canes and started singing "Yes I Will". I love that song, so that was one of my favorite performances. Then the lights went down and, when they came back on, they were all up on those platforms singing "More Than That". Girls were dancing on the bottom in the smoke and beautiful settings were being shown on the screen. That was a gorgeous performance! After that, they came down to the main stage and started singing "I Want It That Way". Everyone went crazy for this song! Since they were showing a lit candle on the screen, some people lit lighters as they sang the song. Amber and I did it and we almost got burned, since the wind was blowing the fire on the lighters. After that performance, they showed the making of the "I Want It That Way" video. It was so cool to see the behind the scenes things. Then, it showed the years going to 2050 and then the guys came on dressed up as old men. It was SO hilarious! They were like wondering what was in Nick's stomach, since he was dressed up like he was fat. Then, he got up doing this little dance and shaking his butt. It was so cute and funny! They're still going to look hot, even when they're old! After that, they came up singing "Quit Playing Games". Brian sang the first verse and, then, they went into "As Long As You Love Me" as Nick started to sing his part. That was a really cool medley. AJ was being funny by crossing his legs everytime the did a line. It was like, "I don't care who you are, *crosses leg*, where you're from, *crosses other leg*, what you did, *crosses other leg*, as long as you love me, *crosses other leg*". It was SO funny! Then, after that, they went into this "V" formation and started singing "I'll Never Break Your Heart". AJ and Brian were kind of on opposite sides of the stage. While Brian and AJ sang, Nick, Howie, and Kevin did the dance routine. They sounded amazing, when they sang this song. I loved how AJ sounded! He sounds much better, now that he went into rehab. After they sang that, AJ came to the middle and Howie walked up to him. He's like, "What's all this with I'll never break your heart?! You've been lying for like the past eight years! Why don't you show them what you REALLY mean!" Then, the music started playing. We were SO surprised, since it was the start of "Don't Want You Back".

~*Part Two*~
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