On June 22, 2002, I went to go see Nick and Aaron perform live together at the B96 Summer Bash. It was my first time I had ever seem them together onstage. My cousin, Jamie, went with me at the last minute. I almost couldn't find someone to go. Then, my mom drove me over to her house, so I could leave with her.
     There were 67,000 people there to see a lot of different bands. It was a REALLY hot day. The concert was outside, too. We had to stay out of the stadium for what seemed like forever, because they were getting all set up. They had places were you could get something to eat and get free magazines. Jamie and I talked with these two girls, who were mainly there to see Nelly. They let us see their magazines and stuff. It was fun. When we finally had to stand in line, our feet started to hurt really bad. We had to wait a very long time for them to just let us in. It really sucked. Finally, after about a half an hour of just standing there, they let us in to find our seats.
     Our seats sucked. Out of all the concerts I've been to, those seats were the worst. I was used to having like 6th row at a BSB concert and 3rd row at an Aaron concert, so this was different. It made the concert kind of boring. Because it was so hot, we kept on buying water. Jamie and I would sit there and pour water all over ourselves to keep cool, even though the water cost $3 a bottle. We wasted a lot of money haha. We had fun, though. Some of the bands to come out before Nick and Aaron were really awesome, and some of the bands were unknown to me. Nelly's performance was awesome. Jamie and I met him later on... haha. VI3, a band that was at my last BSB concert, was there as well. People like Fat Joe, Brian McKnight, and some other people came before Nick and Aaron. People like Shakira, Ashanti, P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule, and a lot of other people came out after them.
     Finally, after a really long wait, Aaron came out. We had this list of the bands that would come out in order, so Jamie and I hurried up a little closer to the stage before he came out. He started out by singing "Shake It." That was a really cool performance. He was wearing a white shirt with white baggy pants. He looked hot. After that, he sang "Leave It Up To Me." I thought that performance rocked. Everyone seemed to really be getting into it. Jamie and I were trying to keep quiet, so the security guards didn't make us go back to our seats. After that song, Aaron sang "Aaron's Party." By that time, I was wondering when Nick was going to come out. I hadn't seen any sign of him yet. When Aaron started to sing "I'm All About You", Jamie and I kinda freaked, since that is our favorite song. Because of that, the security guards saw us and made us go back to our seats. We walked REALLY slowly, and we would like stop every once in a while. I just really wanted to get a good picture of Nick and Aaron. I was kind of pissed, too, because they said we were blocking people's view in the aisle, but THEY were doing the exact same things. They would stand there, when we were at our seats, and we wouldn't be able to see the stage. I was pissed, but oh well. At the last song, Nick came out. They sang "Not Too Young, Not Too Old." I took as many good pictures as I could. Their performance was awesome, though. Nick was wearing an outfit that was similar to Aaron's. He looked amazing. I was kind of upset that he only sang one song, though. They left after that. I was still happy to see them.
     When we were leaving, it took us forever to find our car. We were literally walking around looking for our car for like 30 minutes. We even took our shoes off and walked in the grass. It was still a wonderful night, though. I loved seeing them perform. We talked about the concert all the way home. It was another great night that I will always remember. :)

Here are some pics (NOT taken by me) that were from my concert at the B96 Summer Bash!!
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