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Nick Quotes
"Love Has No Age!"
"It's So Funny To Sing In The Middle Of So Many Bras!"
"No, I'm Just Kidding, I Don't Have A Girlfriend... All You Girls Out There, You're MY Girlfriends!!"
"I Wanna Be Crazy, Even When I'm 80!"
"As Long As We Have Our Fans, We Can Conquer Anything!"
"It's A Backstreet Thang!"
"Howie Can Be Serious At Times, But At Other Times, He Can Be Just As Crazy As Me And Brian!"
"My Family Used To Call Me Charlie Brown Because I Had A Big, Round Head With No Hair!"
"Sometimes I Shut Up Cause I'm Afraid I Don't Have Anything Interesting To Tell Anyways!"
"That's A Big Cat!"
"...Then Kevin Said Somethin' About A Castle!"
"Howie's Just A Little Stressed Out Here!!"
"Why Are You Trippiiiiiiiiiin'?!"
"We're About To Get On A Plane... THIS Is The Plane!" *LMAO... thank you Mr. Obvious!! HAHA*
"I'm So Sick, I Cannot Speak!"
"You See, Umbrellas Only Work When The Water Comes From Above!" *Once Again, Mr. Obvious LOL*
"Not Nude Scuba Diving!!" *LMAO... that was funny when I heard him say that*
"We Have Sold 70,000 Seats Tonight... I Guess They Say This Is A Record!"
"We're Picking Our Noses... What Does It Look Like We're Doing?"
"My Hand... Dumbass!"
"MMMBop, I Got Clean Socks. Yeah, MMMBop Clorox Rocks!" *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...funny...*
"I-I Don't Know How To Ride These-These Things! It's Like Takin' Off Man! Stop It! Stop It!"
"Hey! No Skippin' School, Alright?!"
"No, Dude, It's Not Just Me Though! AJ Is Just As Bad As Me!"
"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, And Thank You Again! We Love You Guys! See Ya!"
"I Like To Make People Happy!"
"I Try To Be Bad, But Nobody Will Let Me!"
"This Is A Rare Glimpse Of My Stomach. I Don't Usually Show It Because I Am Tummy Shy!"
"She's The Greatest Dancer Alive, I Think!"
"Our Sax Player And I Got Into A Big Water Fight!"
"Last Night I Dreamed Of A Giant Sushi!"
"Treating A Girl With Respect Is One Of The Most Romantic Things A Guy Can Do!"
"...What The Heck Is Estrogen?" *HAHAHA! This was on Loveline... SOO Funny!!*
"When I Was In School, For Some Reason, The Girls Didn't Like Me."
"He Used To Run Around The Yard Like A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off. He Was Crazy!" *His 1st Pet*   "Is Norway In Sweden?" *HAHAHAHA... You can tell he's blonde!! LOL*
"You Hear That? That's The Ambulance Comin' To Take These Guys Away After We Beat 'Em!"
"I Was In Tears Almost!" *About His Arrest*
"They Know, They Know I Smell Because I've Been Wearing The Same Clothes Over And Over Again!"
"I Find It Really Embarrassing Talking About Girls And Stuff!"
"I Always Step On A Plane With My Right Foot... Always!"
"I'm Not Always The Sweet Angel That People Think I Am. I Can Be A Bad Boy, Sometimes!"
"It Had Been Like An Hour And They Were Still Playin The Song... I Was Like 'Whoa!!'"
"..And It Was Flat Like A TABLE! And It Was Like God Goes There To Chill And Eat Breakfast And Stuff"
"Jamie, You Done Messed Up. You Messed With Backstreet, Man."
"Hey,could You Cut It With The Dripping Vagina Talk? I'm Trying To Eat A Hamburger!" *On Loveline*
"We Got To Chill With Elmo!" *HAHA... Well, You're Cool Now...*
"Batter Up!!" *When Holding A Bat and Pretending To Swing It At AJ's Head*
"It's Hard To Feel Bad, When You Feel All The Love Coming From The Fans!"
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