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Main Characters:
Ashley: She is one of the main characters in the story. She is 17 years old, and she is recovering from having an eating disorder. She falls in love with Nick.   
Nick: He is one of the main characters in the story. He is, also, 17 and moved from Tampa, Florida. He falls in love with Ashley.
The Story:
The story is about a girl named Ashley, who is recovering from having a horrible childhood. She falls in love with Nick, who in return falls in love with her. They decide to be together forever, until one day, there is a misunderstanding that ruins everything... 
Other Characters include Ashley's friends and family, and Nick's friends and family.
Do You Want To Read This Story?:
*Note: I know the midis for these pages are not Backstreet Boys midis. It is Lenny Kravitz's "Again", since it fits with the story. Just FYI!! :) 
Pictures Of The Characters
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