Welcome to my home.
Remember, if you think it is dirty.
It's because you have a DIRTY MIND!
This is my home, it is all mine. 
My son and I live here, but I will be by myself before long.  My son is in college and ready to leave the nest.
This is me just after I had a hair cut.  Do you think I had a little to much taken off around the EARS?
OK ladies, don't get turned on by this SEXY body! This is me dancing one night, I think I had just a little to much to drink since I don't dance.

However, if this turns you on then I have some really explicit pictures of me coming up. So just keep your pants on or off whichever you prefer.
Please Remember, we must protect the creatures of the Earth.
So, lets help save the WHALES.
Well, I promised some really explicit pictures, so I guess you are ready now.
So click on the LINK and see a
Dick and two Nuts.
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