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July 28, 2007

Dear friends,

I am sorry to inform you that after exhaustive attempts to get a response from the Newbold White House, we, the Perquimans County Rangers, will not be attending the Hearth and Harvest Festival this year. We made every effort to get the site management to contact us with no response. This is not a recent development; this has been going on since the new Site Manager took control. We had no choice. I do not know if the staff is still planning on allowing people to camp. You will need to contact them directly. Steven Jay Nix of Edenton, NC and Miki Nelson of Pittsburgh, PA will not have any involvement. We along with the old site manager worked together to make a good event for all. We are sorry we could not do it again.

If you have ever been involved in coordinating an event of any size you know what is involved so that those who attend can have a great time. A lot of time was put in on our part. We organized work parties to benefit the site. We had split wood on site that was removed by site management to places unknown. And finally, the finale details needed to be discussed and no discussion or even acknowledgement was made to any of our attempts. I will not put on an event that is not worthy of the site, location and era represented. If you would like to contact the site directly please do so at or 252-426-7567.

Those in the reenactment community and the area residents do not fear, we are exploring other sites and weekends for this encampment. We believe from the response of last year’s event that this area wants this type of encampment to help promote the history of the area and education in the life of early America. We will let you know as soon as possible when a site is found. Unfortunately it will not be in time for the 2007 season. This is a passion for Mr. Nix and myself not just a hobby. If you would like more information about a site to use or how to get involved with the encampment you may contact myself Miki Nelson [email protected], H 724-695-0834 (after 6pm EST) or C 412-334-7366.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,
Steven Jay Nix
Michelle Miki Nelson

Hearth and Harvest Festival's Fall Rendezvous at the Newbold White House

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