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Remember kids: suicide IS the answer for everyone!!
cut myself free willingly stop just what's killing me i feel it everyday ifeel i made my way i feel it swell up inside swell up inside, swallowing me......           ~the ever so awesome.. LINKIN PARK~

Hey everyone who's visiting my site.. im just doing this for fun! if you really wanna know a lot about me you can just go to my JOURNAL the thing on the right side of the page and says "click here" will take u there  its all one big word but it wouldn't wrap it around for me. 
anyways.. my names Niky and im going to be 17 on november 9th, 2003.. music is the LOVE of my LIFE!! hehe ohhh yes! linkin park cradle of filth slipknot all those bands kick ass! I live in port charlotte, florida.. it's a really gay town, but I'm glad I don't live in st. Louis anymores! well anyway If anyone wants to hit me up my aim is sweetniky05 or slpknt666lnknprk or a link to email me is at the bottom of the page.. yay!
Yes that's my ugly ass self
-Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
-From the cradle to enslave - COF
-Her ghost in the fog - cradle of filth
-Faint - Linkin park
-Creatures - 311
-Here without you - 3 Doors Down
-This is the new shit - marilyn M.
-Serenity - Godsmack
-Not falling - mudvayne
-Bright lights - Matchbox twenty
-Sweet dreams - marilyn manson
-beautiful people - marilyn manson
-straight out of line - godsmack
-this is now - hatebreed
-stupid girl - cold
-outside - staind
-silence - blindside
-coming - memento
-dont stay - linkin park
-breaking the habit - linkin park
-kody - matchbox twenty
-boys n girls - good charlotte
-Calm - faze 3 (awesome stl band)
-wait and bleed - slipknot
-my immortal - evanescence
-tourniquet - evanescence
-going under - evanescence
-bottom of a bottle - SES

OK well there are more.. but these are the best ones for now.. ill add more later on sometime!
Bands I have met!! weeee!
Linkin park (twice)
- Blindside (twice)
- Memento
- Trapt
- Smile Empty Soul
- Seether
- Systematic
This is a special shout out to a special person.. Joel.. I love you so much.. I don't know what I would ever do without you.. You mean the world to me, and although I don't know how long we will be together, you will always be in my heart..
This is another shoutout to a good friend.. Leo.. I know i haven't been the best friend lately.. but I do care about you, we will be friends for a long time and don't worry about anything ok..
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