The Process 

Read all directions in the process section carefully before you begin this assignment.

You will be writing at least 7 journal entries in your journal using the process explained below. Put yourself in the mind frame that you are actually making this trip. Write as though you are actually traveling cross country. Use your imagination. Each entry should be at least one page and written in complete sentences. I would recommend that each student have a notebook handy to record their research. If you would like to decorate the cover of your journal, please do so in an appropriate manner.


1st journal entry: Answer these two questions: Where have I traveled in the United States (which states, cities, interesting destinations)? Where would I like to travel in the United States?

2nd journal entry: Answer the following questions: (1) What type of vehicle will you be using? Include some details concerning your vehicle (i.e. gas mileage, top speed, amenities, description-a picture can be included, etc...) (2) Who are you and why are you making this journey? (USE YOUR IMAGINATION: create a character, but be appropriate-if unclear on the concept, see me for clarification).

3rd-7th journal entries: (Each city is an entry) Your travel begins in Boston. The city you travel to next will be your first city. Be sure to include directions from Boston. You will be traveling to at least 5 cities in your trip across America.

(your next 5 or more journal entries need to include the following)

  1. The route you will use to travel to your next destination. Include with directions the time it will take you to reach the next city (traveling at 60 mph). Please use general directions such as highways and not the complex directions the internet provides.
  2. Population (use the population of the city and not metropolitan area)
  3. Absolute and relative location of the city
  4. Weather (temperature, precipitation)- use today’s temperatures
  5. Place (physical and human characteristics):
  6. a) Physical characteristics: buildings, roads, mountains, lakes, etc. (be specific)

    b) Human characteristics: the "character"/flavor of the city, interesting facts (parades, culture, food, festivals, special events), what the city is known for (nick-names)

  7. Describe what you do while in the city: places you visit, where you stay, what events take place (use your imagination but use real places).You can stay as long as you like.
  8. Artwork: drawings, photos, pictures from magazines or newspapers-Be Creative! Attach the artwork to the entry that describes them.
  9. Extra Credit (optional): history of city, current event on city


Last journal entry: Conclude the journey in a city on the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii).


Please use maps, travel magazines, books, magazines, newspapers, internet, almanacs

Useful web sites:


travel(general info)

Travel magazines


Search engines






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