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2007 videos:
New Trail
New dh Section
Mike crashing
Too wet to ride

First run msa

2006 videos:
Wentworth Pt 1
White Tail pt 1
White Tail pt 2
The Pit
Gorge: East face
Gorge: North face
hydrant hugging
Cali mtn build
Hills'b Steep Section
Ridgeline Drop
Urban Fun
Drop at field of  U de M
Hill'b Bridge 2
Hills'b New Trail : The bridge
Hills'B New Trail: The jump
Gorge Rd Trail
Face Meets tree
Backyard  eary spring 06
Backyard 05

  2007 Mtb Videos!

 Well, was having some trouble with my old pc... wasn't making the cut anymore. So i had to invest in a new system, well now thats up and running and the riding season is done for a few month, i've gotten to work on this seasons videos...

 heres the New wentworth videos the first open Ride of the 06 season:

 WentWorth 2006:

                Latest videos:
The New trail

New dh section of our trail

Too wet to Ride.... Spring time skinny session.

Wentworth 2006 season video 1

FreeRide Trail Wentworth 2006 season

First run @ MSA

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