Things to See Along the Way

Miramichi Watertower
The Miramichi Watertower - get ready to turn

Pokeshaw Rocks
The Rocks at Pokeshaw

The Church in Grande-Anse

Lobster Trap
The Giant Tourist, er, Lobster Trap

Acadian House
The Flag House: Get Ready to Turn Left...

Welcome to Anse-Bleue Welcome to Anse-Bleue!

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Challenge #1; Getting There

     Before we can begin the Survivor weekend, we've all got to get there. Here's how.

     If you have no vehicle, mooch a drive. Easy enough. If you're driving, it gets a little more complicated, but not by much. The trip is broken up into three distinct stages. First, get to Miramichi. Then, go to Bathurst, Finally, head towards Caraquet, but miss. Easy enough? No? You want maps and route numbers and crap? Geez, you're picky.

Satellite Imagery and GPS:

     Thanks to Tony Sekulich's GPS unit, we have the precise location of NBSurvivor Weekend. The latitude and logitude co-ordinates are 47.829650, -65.065450 (or +47 49' 46.74", -65 3' 55.62 down to the second). If you have a handy GPS unit, just plug that in and plan your route. If you type that into Google Maps, then ask it to give you directions to there, you've got a nice little personalized road map. Here, I'll save you the trouble: click HERE for the google maps co-ordinates.

Anse Bleue from Space

Old School Maps:

     I'm assuming you're on your way from Fredericton, like about 80% of us are. First, to get to Miramichi, this will take about two hours. If you are leaving from Fredericton, take the Westmorland Street bridge to the Northside, at the lights turn right. The sign for Miramichi should be marked and will tell you to take a left at the next lights. This is highway 8 North. If leaving from Marysville, take Canada Street past Marysville place, past where the buses turn around, and it will turn into Highway 8 North. Follow the 8 North through a bunch of towns like Boisetown, Doaktown, and Blackville, and you'll get to Miramichi.

The Miramichi Loop:

     For those of you who have made the trip before, you'll remember how it takes some time to go through Miramichi. About a half hour or so. You can avoid all that now by taking the Miramich Loop. As you come up to Miramichi, you'll see a traffic circle. You'll have the option to go directly towards Bathurst without going through town. Just follow the signs on the traffic circle to head towards Bathurst. As you take this highway, you'll pass over the Superstore where the old Heath Steele sign was, past the airport, and towards the Water Tower. As you approach the water tower, the signs will tell you where to turn to head towards Bathurst. You'll pass over the Miramichi Bridge and head straight towards Bathurst. If you want to turn to head into Miramichi and grab a quick bite at McDonald's, feel free. Don't eat too much, though, cause Dorice has a ham ready and waiting for you. Now you've saved a good 20 minutes and you're about an hour away from Bathurst

     Now, if you want to head into town and take a break, you can do that too. At the traffic circle, just head toward Miramichi instead of Bathurst. In Miramichi you'll have to go through the city. But follow the signs and keep on the 8 North. You'll pass the Courthouse, the Dairy Queen, the McDonald's, the Miramichi Mall and just after the Burger King, get ready to turn left towards Bathurst. You'll notice a large green bridge on your right. Do not take this bridge!. Again, the signs will point you to Bathurst. This drive will take about an hour.

Almost There - Bathurst to Home:

     When you hit Bathurst, get onto the 11 East. The signs will point the way to Caraquet and the Acadian Village. On the 11 East you will drive through some forest scenery until you reach Janeville. Keep going straight, through places like Clifton, Stonehaven, and Pokeshaw. You'll eventually get to Grande-Anse, which means you're almost there. Go through Grande-Anse, past the Dixie lee, past the big church, and past the big lobster trap. On your right, there'll be a house painted like the Acadian Flag . Slow down, and take the next turn on your left to Route 320. You'll see a sign that welcomes you to Anse-Bleue. Keep going until you hit 961; Mom and Dad's house. You'll be able to spot the brand new moonlights in the driveway. Find a place to park, and come on in! 

IF YOU GET LOST: Call Roger and Dorice Theriault at (506) 732-3160.

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Fredericton to Miramichi   Miramichi to Bathurst

1) Fredericton to Miramichi             2) Miramichi to Bathurst

Bathurst to Anse-Bleue   Mom and Dad's House

3) Bathurst to Anse-Bleue                4) Home Sweet Home

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