For four days, with nothing to eat but homecooked meals, and nothing to drink but copious amounts of alcohol, these people will be left on a beach to see which of them will emerge victorious. Or, at least, hung over. This is their story...  

Confirmed Contestants!

   Andre        Stacey

     Tanya     Robyn          Cynthia      Tony    

   Jackie        Ben

   Zach          Katie

        Dawn        Shawn

   Wyatt        Hayden

            Krista          Mandy

   Jeannie        Tony P.

   Jilanna        Jason

           Tony S.   Lynn

         Tammy         Jeff

        Denise    Steve

   Nat        Erik

     Dee     Bill     

   Jason        Lee

Twist Their Rubber Arms (maybes)

   Karen        Steve

Not Attending (A-Ps)

   Kael        Kelly

  Shawn    Heather



NB Survivor 2007:

How to safely get into and out of a hammock. With pictures.

UPADTED: For Directions, including the new Miramichi Loop, Click Here

Tent City, with a larger Hammock District: Click Here

Last Year's Festivities (NBSurvivor 2006): Click Here


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Your Hosts:

   Roger        Dorice




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