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Welkin is another word for heaven and upper atmosphere and yet to me it rhymes a bit with Hell's kin. Funny how things turn out don't it?

Cynthia, I found your webpage. Someone actually linked to my pages from yours and I followed my stats.

Well, onto business.
About me, eh?

First of all, I'm clammed up. Don't like to talk about my true self. My first impression on others is to knock them out with mindless rambling that puts up a magnificent wall. That being done, only those I trust most can find me.

The Rambling:
I know I'm smart but don't shove it in my face. AP classes are great an' all, but I'm still not gonna survive into college. I am a proverbial mess and nobody can tell me that that is just the result of being a teenager. I've read Freud, and other works about psychology and the profession of psychiatry but that no more makes me a professional analyst than any other 19-year old drama freak stuck up on their high horse thinking they're all that because they took a few classes during their sophomore year. I am most definitely smarter than any person I talk to and I will shove it in their face because I'm that arrogant, impetuous, derisive, cruel, malicious, and pathological, jp...[>:-(]

The truth is, I am discrete. I have read people since day one after being picked on by the school bully. Your parents usually tell you its because they're jealous or mistreated at home, but mine didn't say anything. That was something they did right anyhow, besides losing my innocence regarding good and evil at an early age, I'm alright. I analyzed the situation came upon the epiphany I have always lived by since pre-school, though my dispositions, opinions, outlooks, and, of course, those 'special' changes, may alter throughout the course of life.

There is no benevolent God that will protect you if you are not handsome, talented, and have the absolute worst possible starting point from which to ascend. People, by nature, intend to hurt others, not to elevate themselves or to degrade others or for some reason that makes sense, but because of their evil nature. The idea of Satan was not created from fiction, but from the ultimate truth that deep down inside we wish to hurt others, not because of our own pain, but through it. We rant to others of our petty problems and lash our tongues trying to say I'm better off and I'm worse off at the same time. Hypocrisy has always been the way I've lived and I do not believe that I am particularly unique in that essence.

Live well and forget my officious solicitations upon thy soul. I am but a troubled young sir with too much to say. If I have struck a nerve (not highly likely considering how 'smart'{stubborn} society has become) then I have suceeded in my most primal instinct. In one shape or form, I have created pain, either as a headache or emotional epiphany.
Nikolae 'azn' Tan-Carpathia
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