Are bees mathematicians?
Bees are very interesting insects. They have an amazing intelligence. I'm talking about their honeycombs. How do they get them that way? Why? The hexagonal question is a mystery indeed.

The hexagons that honeycombs are built from are perfect hexagons. They fit together in an interlocking fashion. Circular combs would not lock together and there would be too much extra space. The hexagons require only one wall for multiple cells.

The perimeter of a square is side x=1/4p which leads to a total area of 0.0625p².

A triangle with perimeter p leads to an area of 0.048p².

A hexagon can then be turned to have a perimeter p with an area of 0.072p².

Hexagons then have the most area! By hive building material, the economy of hexagons is invaluable to bees. Bees will only use hexagonal frameworks. Bee-keepers provide them to the bees they keep! Now aren't bees smart?
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Honeybees use honeycombs to make and store their food. It is essential to be space efficient.
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