Growing up, I remember most of all the times with my Grandparents in Florida.  I remember the beautiful yet sometimes funny bahamian accents of my Granddaddy and mother, I remember the foods conch fritters, pidgeon peas & rice, Johnny Cake Bread, Lots of Fish, sugar cane right from my Granddaddy's farm, I remember crying when he would place the Crabs and Lobsters alive in a pot of boilin water, yet squeal with delight as we sat and got messy from eating them, I remember long walks on the Beach with him holding my hand and talking to me in a loving way as I looked up at him adoring his every move, I remember, checking in on my GreatGrand Father each day as he completed daily rituals of his culture, I remember picking mangos from trees that sat in our backyard , sometimes oranges, I remember the rich sounds of Harry Belefonte singing in my Grandparents home on the old phonograph they kept in the corner of the Living Room...I remember, hearing stories of the Islands and feeling his deep love for his Homeland and being mesmirized while i sat on my Granddaddy's lap as he held me close until I fell off to sleep...These things I remember...

As I get older, the visions of my Granddaddy are becoming more and more vivid.  Though I have been to Nausau many times, I always cry when I must leave.  The People, My People, and the Rich culture are a part of me waiting to be born. 

Thank you for visitting my page, i dedicate this to my GrandDaddy with all my Love

E. Turnquest
April 13, 1907-June, 1987
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