Tagging pubz.

Checking pubs for tags can be a long and frustrating process, many of the pubs you come across will already be tagged. Checking for tags can either be done manually or using TagCheck. Many people prefer checking manually, including me. TagCheck is the easy way to do it, but can be very slow sometimes (if there are a lot of directories). In this tutorial I will explain how to check for tags both ways. I suggest reading through this and the tagging section before proceeding, to same time you can tag pubs as you go along rather than checking them all and then going back and tagging.

There are two ways you can use TagCheck, either have it check the whole list at once, or paste the IP in one by one. The easiest way is to have it do the whole list, to do this put perms.log in where it wants the address. Then all you do is hit start and away it goes. It will show all that it thinks could be tags, most of the time it is junk that has the same words as a tag would and then sometimes it does find tags. Once it is done you can go through the list of pubs and mark the ones it found tags on as "Tagged." If the tag is older than 2 weeks the pub can be checked manually to determine if anyone is still using it. If it is not in use it can be re-tagged by you.

Manually checking is a little more tricky, you first need to start up FlashFXP and select the remote pane (the right side usually). Go to your log and select the first ip and copy it and take mental note of the pub dir, then go back to FlashFXP. Press F8, which is the hot key for the quick connect dialog, and paste your ip in and hit enter. Once it connects browse to the pub dir and take a look and what's inside. If it is empty your lucky, you can tag it right there without any further checking. Usually there will be a mess of folders inside, the first thing to look for is any folders named: tag, tagged, com, lpt, or prn. If you see any of these check the creation date, if there are any within the last two weeks then mark the pub as tagged and move to the next. If they are all fairly old you can start checking sub directories by double clicking them and looking for folders with those same names in each sub dir. If you cannot find any tags within a few levels deep it is usually same to assume that there is no one there. Any recent tags found and you should leave the pub alone because someone else is probably using it already.

The easiest way to tag pubs is to create a directory structure on your computer and upload it to the pub. Here is an example of some tags:



All you do is create those directories in side of each other in a temporary folder on your computer. Once that is done you can start up FlashFXP and connect to one of the untagged pubs you found. On the pub right click and select "Make Folder" and make a new folder named something that shows this is a tag like simply tag or tagged works fine. Then enter that folder and on the local pane (left side) browse to where you started your uploadable tag. Drag the first folder of the tag to the pub and it will create all the directories just how you did on your computer. Once it is complete you will be back where you started. Before you go double clicking all the folders to get to the new working path, you can just use the pull-down menu and it will show all the recently used directories. You can simply select the longest one and it will take you there. From here you can either copy the directory and paste it into your log (over the old directory) and move to the next pub, or you can try making some locked folders so people wont be able to delete your tag as easily.

You may be tempted to make a locked folder earlier in your tag. I am confused as to why people do this. If the whole tag is visible it is obvious that someone took the work to make a tag and the pub will be used by a group. When people make locked com folders right away it says to me that it could just be someone screwing around or many other things. I like to keep the tag visible so others recognize it better. Also making locked folders in the root of the pub will more easily alert the sysop and get your tag deleted.

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