Companion b36

As you can see we have several options to operate but to keep it similar we just need a few and a full sxanned permissions list from Grims Ping to check them.

Go to the Options button to configure your Companion.

In case i never used any firewalls what means proxys to get over in the net. I recommend that the settings must be like shown in the pic.

You also can set up the Firewall settings as the FXP settings.

Than go back to the main Page and click on the traffic light as in Grims Ping.

Companion prompt open a directory window were you and have to choose the permission.log of Grims Ping.

Companion is also able to read the permissions list from Grims Ping, with other sxanners like FTP-sxanner it could be problems.

When you have clicked the permissions list Companion prompt started to check the ftp's

Companion will log all statistics in the companion.txt file were you easily can choose your ftp were you wanna to log on.

Make sure you only uses ftp's with download / upload access and a good speed in both ways.

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