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Here is an idea of where I'm from.

My Country & State: Look for NY.


The State of New York: (It's not just a city!) It takes about 5 hours to drive from New York City to my home town, Ithaca!! And it takes about 4 hours to go to Niagra Falls from Ithaca!! Very far isn't it? No, I can't see Manhattan. Can you see Osaka from Tokyo?


My Hometown: Ithaca, NewYork. It's a small town of about 29,000 people. There are two big universities there; Cornell, and Ithaca College. Together the student population is about as large as the permanent residents. There are lots of things to do in Ithaca. Check out the links!


And you thought New York was only a city!

Take a "Virtual" Tour of Ithaca, NY.

You can also get more from our local newspaper online! Visit:


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