Level 2

Pros & Cons

Pros = Good Points; Cons = Bad Points

For Example:

Pros of Summer:         Pros of Winter:
You can do lots of outdoor sports.         You can go skiing and do lots of winter sports.
There are many festivals.         No mosquitoes!!
You can see lots of beautiful flowers.         Lots of parties and festivals.
Golden Week.         You can eat nabe!
You can go to the beach.         You're not sweaty and hot.
You can go to parks for BBQs and picnics.         Not hot and humid.
Suntans!         It's easier to see Mt. Fuji from afar.
Fireworks!         Heated train and toilet seats.
Laundry dries in the sun better.         Food keeps longer.


Cons of Summer:         Cons of Winter:
It's too hot and muggy.         It's cold walking or riding your bicycle to the station.
The air-conditioner is expensive to have on all the time.         Heaters are expensive to run all the time.
You sweat too much.         Laundry takes longer to dry.
There are too many mosquitoes.         You have to wear coats and jackets to stay warm.
There are too many bugs.         Ski slopes are overcrowded.
Sun burns.         You can't go to the beach and get a suntan.
Can not see Mt. Fuji from a distance.         There aren't as many flowers, and the trees have lost their leaves.
Crowded trains are uncomfortable and everyone smells bad.         The yaki-imo trucks are too noisy.
Food goes bad quickly.          

Useful expressions:





More expressions:

Similar     Different
Summer and winter have a lot of things in common. For example....     There are many differences between summer and winter. For example.....
Summer and winter have a few things in common.     The main difference between summer and winter is the humidity.
Summer and winter have some things in common.     Summer and winter are different because of the temperature and the humidity.
Summer and winter are the same in that they both have outdoor sports you can do.     Summer and winter have very little in common, for example in summer you can get a suntan, but in winter, you can't.
Summer and winter are similar because there are many fun festivals you can go to.     Winter isn't nearly as hot as summer.
Both summer and winter have a lot of fun festivals.     Summer is much more humid than winter.
Neither summer or winter is cheap. In winter, you must use your heater. In summer, you must turn on your air conditioner.     Summer is hot, but winter is cold.
There isn't much difference between summer and winter. You can play outdoor sports in both seasons.      


Get the idea? Good. Try making your own sentences using different subjects.

These are just a few examples of what you can say. If you have any questions, please visit my Guest Book and post your question.

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