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Sometimes when we don't understand something, we ask the other person to explain it one more time. Here are some different ways to help you ask for help.

Also you can use Tag Questions to check for information. Check your grammar book for a clear explanation.

Asking for clarification:

Notice, not all the expressions here are questions. We'll start with the easier ones first. The green text are only examples only.


Checking what you've heard or didn't hear.         Checking your understanding of difficult or unbelievable situations.
Could you say that again, please?         So, you're saying that because I won the lottery, I'm rich?
Could you speak more slowly, please?         Are you really saying that you don't love me?
Could you speak up, please? I can't hear you.         What do you mean by that?
Could you spell that, please?         Please explain that.
Is that "a" as in apple?         I'm sure I've misunderstood.
Let me make sure I've got this.         I wonder if we could go over that again?
Would you repeat that, please?         I hope I'm misunderstanding you. We are all going to die!?
Do you want to repeat that?         How do you want me to take that? Should I be happy or sad that you're moving to another country?
I'm sorry. I can't understand you.         Let me get this straight.
Sorry, I didn't quite catch that.         I've almost got it.
I'm sorry. I couldn't understand what you said.         Don't tell me that you got the new job. You did? That's great!
Let me get this straight.         Don't tell me that the computer is down again. That's terrible.
Let me check this with you. You said turn right at the light.         Did you just say what I thought you said?
I'd just like to confirm that the meeting is on Tuesday at 11:30.         Are you suggesting that we get married?
Please remind me about the meeting next week.         So, I do what first?
Do you mind repeating that?         Once more. What's next?
          That was 6:00 wasn't it?
          Isn't that what John said before?
          You did what?
          Who did that, again?
          How, exactly?
          Why is that?
          When is that exactly?
          Where's that exactly?


Responding with clarification:

These can be used in most any situation, but you decide which is best used when.

Here it is again.         Don't get me wrong. What I mean is I want to marry you, but just not yet.
Okay, once more.         That's not what I meant.
Let me give it to you again.         I'm not suggesting that at all.
Sorry can you hear me now?         I don't mean to suggest you do it for free. I will pay you.
Check.         Please don't take it that way.
Good.         That's exactly what I meant.
That's right.         I think you've misunderstood me.
That's almost it.         There seems to be a misunderstanding.
Absolutely right.         Let me explain.
You got it!         Let's go over that again.
You're way off.         Let me put it another way.


Tag Questions are very useful and important. Make sure you check a grammar book or ask your teacher for a clearer explanation.

These are just a few examples of what you can say. If you have any questions, please visit my Guest Book and post your question.

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