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Would you like to (come to a party)?         I was wondering if you'd like to (go for a cup of coffee).
How about (a movie)?         Let's (go to the movies)!
Do you want to (have dinner) with me?         I have an idea. Let's (go to Disney Land)!
What are your plans for (tonight)?         If you don't have any plans (for tonight), would you like to (go to a restaurant)?
Do you have any plans for (this weekend)?         If you don't have anything to do (tomorrow), let's (get together for lunch).
I was thinking you might like to (go for a drink).         What would you like to do (this weekend)?
Why don't you join (us)?         Are you free (tonight)? If so, let's (go drinking).
Why don't you come along?         If you are free (tonight), let's (eat pizza).
Would you like to come too?         Can you (go to the party tonight)?
Hey. Call (your friend) and see if (she'd) like to come along too.         I'd like to invite you to ( a party).
You are welcome to come too.         You can tag along if you'd like.
I'm going to (a restaurant). Do you want to come too?          



Sure.         That sounds great!
Yes.         I'd love to.
Why not?         OK
Let's go!         Good idea.
That's a great idea!         That's a wonderful idea!
That would be great.         That would be wonderful.
Alright.         I'd like to.
Thanks for inviting me.         Thanks for the invitation.
Yes, I'm free.         No, I'm not busy.



No. I'm sorry.         I'd really like to, but I can't. I have to (take care of my pet monkey).
Well, that sounds good, but I'm afaid I can't.         I'd rather not.
Thanks for inviting me, but I'm busy (tonight).         I don't want to.
Oh. I already have plans for (tonight).         I have already made plans for (this weekend).
Can we make it some other time?         I'm busy that day.
Can we make it some other day?         That sounds great, but I must (ask my parents).
Actually, I've just remembered (I have a doctor's appointment).         How about some other time?
Not (tonight). I'm busy.         I don't have enough time.
I don't have enough money.         I'll have to take a raincheck.
I'll have to check my schedule.         I'll have to think about it.

Don't forget to say "Thank you for inviting me" or "Thanks for the invitation."!

Other useful questions:

What time should we meet?         Where should we meet?
When would you like to meet?         Where would you like to meet?
What time would you like to get together?         What day would you like to get together?
When should we meet?         Where is best for you?
What time is best for you?         Where is most convenient for you?
When is best for you?         When is most convenient for you?
Where can I meet you?         What time is most convenient for you?
Where shall we meet?         When shall we meet?
(7:00) is a little too late for me. Can we meet at (5:00)?         Can we meet a little earlier?
(4:00) is a little too early for me. Can we meet at (6:00)?         Can we meet a little later?
How about (5:00)?         How about (Monday)?
What about (5:00)?         What about (Monday)?
Let's say (6:00). OK?         How does (6:00) sound?
OK. I'll meet you at (6:00).         OK. I'll meet you on (Monday).
I'll see you at (6:00).         I'll see you at (the station).
See you there.         See you on (Monday).
See you then.         See you later.
I'll meet you at (your place).         What time is better for you?
Give me a call when you get there.         Give me a call when you get to (the station).
Call me if you're going to be late.         Can I invite (a friend)?
Would it be OK if (my girlfriend) comes too?         I'll pick you up at (7:00).
I can't wait to (go).         I'm really looking forward to it.

And there are more things you can say.

These are just a few examples of what you can say in this situation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in my Guest Book. Don't forget to check back for the answers.

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