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Basic Phrases:                
Singular         Plural      
How much is it? ............. ... ... It is ($2.50).   How much are they? ........ ... ... They are ($4.75)
How much is that? .......... ... ... That is ($2.50)   How much are those? ...... ... ... Those are ($4.75)
How much is this? .......... ... ... This is ($2.50)   How much are these? ....... ... ... These are ($4.75)
How much is the book? .. ... ... It is ($2.50)   How much are the shoes?. ... ... They are ($4.75)
How much does (it) cost? ... ... It costs ($2.50)   How much do (they) cost? ... ... They cost ($4.75)

US Currency

$0.01 one cent one penny        
$0.02 two cents two pennies        
$0.05 five cents five pennies one nickel      
$0.10 10 cents ten pennies two nickels one dime    
$0.25 25 cents twenty-five pennies five nickels   a quarter  
$0.50 50 cents fifty pennies 10 nickels five dimes two quarters 1 fifty cent piece
$0.75 75 cents seventy-five pennies 15 nickels   three quarters  
$1.00 one dollar one hundred pennies 20 nickels 10 dimes 4 quarters 2 fifty cent pieces
$2.00 two dollars          

You get the idea.

Dollars and cents        
  How to say it: Another way to say it: Yet another way to say it: A different way to say it:
$1.00 one dollar   1 buck  
$1.01 one dollar and one cent a dollar one a buck one  
$1.10 one dollar and ten cents one dollar ten a buck 10 one 10
$1.25 one dollar and twenty-five cents a dollar twenty five a buck 25

a buck and a quarter

one 25
$1.50 one dollar and fifty cents a dollar fifty a buck 50

a buck and a half

one 50
$2.00 two dollars   2 bucks  
$2.01 two dollars and 1 cent     two oh 1
$2.10 two dollars and 10 cents     two 10
$5.00 five dollars   5 bucks  
$5.01 five dollars and 1 cent     five oh 1
$5.10 five dollars and 10 cents     five 10
$10.00 ten dollars   10 bucks  
$10.01 ten dollars and 1 cent     ten oh 1
$10.25 ten dollars and 25 cents     ten 25
$20.00 twenty dollars   twenty bucks  

Continue like so.

Useful Expressions:      
(It's)(not)cheap.     I don't have any money.
(They're)(not) expensive.     I'm broke. (I have no money.)
(It's)(not)a good price.     I'm too poor.
(It's) a reasonable price.     Do you take credit cards?
I'm trying to save money.     Can I put it on my (Visa) card?
I don't want to spend a lot.     You over charged us!
Can you give me a discount?     You gave us the wrong change.
I'm not rich.     It's a bargain!
I'd like a refund.     Is it on sale?
I'd like to buy a (computer).     What is the sales price?
I can't afford that.     Can I use this coupon?
Can I have the receipt?     Can I use this gift certificate?
How much is it after tax?     How much is the sales tax?
Is tax included in the price?     Is this duty free?
You charged me twice for this.     You forgot to bill me for this.

Useful Expressions at a restaurant: (check = bill)

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