Intro Student Handout:

House & Home

Example Phrases:

There is a table in the room. There are two windows in the room.
There is no TV in the room. There are no chairs in the room.
There isnít TV in the room. There arenít any chairs in the room.
Is there a refrigerator in the kitchen? Are there any chairs in the room?
What floor is the apartment on? How many windows are there in the room?
Itís on the 3rd floor. How many floors are there in the building?
There is a large window in the kitchen.
There is a lot of counter space.


table cabinet furniture
chair closet furnished apartment
desk shelf unfurnished apartment
bed floor wall
living room dining room bedroom
wardrobe chest of drawers dressing table
sofa couch armchair
drapes bedside lamp stool
vertical / horizontal blinds curtains breakfast bar
shutters porch balcony
lamp light switch sink
window faucet bathtub
sliding glass door room divider TV stand
counter roof bookshelves
stairs attic parking space
air conditioner basement loft
coat rack two story townhouse studio apartment
dresser ceiling floor (as in a building)

Example dialogue:

Jack: Are there any empty apartments in this area?

Real-estate agent: Yes, there are. There are 4 empty apartments.

Jack: Are they furnished or unfurnished apartments?

Real-estate agent: One is furnished and three are unfurnished apartments. Would you like to see them?

Jack: Yes, please.

Real-estate agent: Which one would you like to see first?

Jack: Could I see the furnished apartment, first?

Real-estate agent: Sure. Here you are. (and shows a layout of an apartment)

Jack: How many rooms are there in the apartment?

Real-estate agent: There are 3 rooms in the apartment.

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