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Example phrases:

There is some milk. There are some apples.
Is there any milk? Are there any apples?
How much milk is there? How many apples are there?
It tastes (good). They taste (good).
There isnít any milk. There are no apples.
There is no milk. There arenít any apples.
Whatís in it? There are too many.
How did you make it? There is too much.

Additional vocabulary:

sweet salty kilogram of cup of
sour bitter package of piece of
flour refrigerator / fridge liter of slice of

Example dialogue 1:

John: This pie is wonderful! Whatís in it?

Mary: There is some butter, and some milk. There are some apples, and raisins.

John: How much milk is there?

Mary: There are two cups of milk.

Example dialogue 2:

John: Iím going to the store. Do we need anything?

Mary: Yes, we need some apples.

John: How many apples do we need?

Mary: We need 7 apples because some friends are going to come for dinner.

Example dialogue 3:

John: Letís make a sweet potato pie for desert tonight!

Mary: We canít. There arenít any sweet potatoes.

Example dialogue 4:

John: This soup is terrible! Itís too salty!

Mary: I know. There is too much salt. I should put in more water.

John: And put in a few more potatoes. I like potatoes.

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