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Here are some cool links about Japan:


Cool links to Martial Arts sites:

This is my favorite site! Look up Yagyu Shingan Ryu taijutsu or Yagyu Shinkage Ryu (spelling may be a bit different) and you can read about the kind of martial arts I study. You can also see pictures of my sensei! Plus you can read about the history of it too. COOL website!!

Martial Arts from Japan. Good site. Lots of links. Some in English, others not. If you are looking for a particular style, most likely you can find it here.



Cool links for Traveling Abroad:

Want to travel abroad but worried about the language barrier? You can get the basics to survive. Learn numbers, dining phrases, etc. just what you need.

A good site by the Lonely Planet guidebook series. A bit too well traveled nowadays to be considered exotic places for the hardcore backpacker, but still a good site. Has some useful free services too.

This site is not a commercial site like the Lonely Planet's. This site was put together by people who are interested in traveling and want to share tips and stories.

This site is for those budget travelers too. Good tips on how to get free lodging. Mostly about sleeping in airports and restaurants. Fun.

A big list of links to different sites. Check out Coolest Places on Earth, and the Top 10 lists.

A good place to find hotels in Asia. Has customer reviews too.

Finding Jobs in Japan:

Not a bad place to start. Lots of listings in English. Everthing from Computers to Teaching.

Looking to start teaching English in Japan? A good site to start.



My Students' Home Pages:


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