Common Errors in Low to Intermediate Levels:

Find the mistake and write the correct sentence. Good luck!

  1. Iím going to shopping today.
  2. My hobby is read a book.
  3. This bag costs 50,000 yen!! It is very rich.
  4. She name is Naoko.
  5. Q: Is there some ice cream in your fridge? A: Yes, two boxes.
  6. My family is four persons.
  7. I have four families.
  8. Are my feet are big?
  9. How many books are they on the table?
  10. Are these my coats there?
  11. My job is office worker.
  12. Where is she Madonna from?
  13. Where is you come from country?
  14. Where country from?
  15. They are from German.
  16. Iím hobby is play tennis.
  17. Herís name is Nikki.
  18. My favorite food like is cake.
  19. What color are her shirt?
  20. What name is your father?
  21. Q: What is in the tree? A: This is a cat.
  22. Itís green color.
  23. Q: Do you like sushi? A: Yes, I like.
  24. Q: Who is Ann? A: She is the husband of Jack.
  25. How many peoples are in the room?
  26. Is my bag is expensive?
  27. Q: Are you Germany? A: I speak Deutch.
  28. I go to arbite.
  29. I have a one child.
  30. Could you pass me any coffee?
  31. My shoes is black.
  32. Where are you live?
  33. Where do you live in?
  34. Q: Where you from? A: I lives in Tokyo.
  35. What do you like Japanese food?
  36. Q: Who is that studentís friends? A: Itís Jack and John.
  37. I like to play ski.
  38. I go to shopping in the Sogo.
  39. Do you like a cup of coffee?
  40. How many beer do you have?
  41. Q: Do you have a car? A: Yes, I have.
  42. What he reading?
  43. My hobbies is watching movie and playing Japanese dance.
  44. Are your father cooking now?
  45. Put off your shoes.
  46. What would you like color?
  47. Q: Whatís Hawaii like? A: Yes, I like.
  48. Heís a safety driver.
  49. Of course Iím not going to spend many money.
  50. Q: Where are you go after school? A: I come back to my house.
  51. They are playing good.
  52. Q: Is it going to rain? A: I hope no.
  53. Q: What did you do on the weekend? A: Weekend is my daughterís sports festival.
  54. I get to work by walk.
  55. Q: What does they doing? A: They are reading.
  56. Q: Can you English? A: Yes, I can.
  57. Do you usually shopping with your mother?
  58. Heís wearing a blue long sweater.
  59. Q: What company camera do you have? A: A Pentax.
  60. Give to him it.
  61. They has blonde hair.
  62. Where are you born?
  63. I like some more coffee, please.
  64. How long stay in Japan?
  65. I canít find my pen nowhere.
  66. I go there yesterday.
  67. That movie is more worse than the book.
  68. I played ski on last weekend.
  69. When was he died?
  70. How long have you been to study Japanese?
  71. They usually work fastly.
  72. She is the most perfect person.
  73. I didnít get some bread.
  74. There are too much people in Japan.
  75. I drinked a lot of coffee yesterday.
  76. Iíve been here since two days.
  77. They had swimmed all day.
  78. He went to shopping at Sunday.
  79. I have seen him yesterday.
  80. You have been lived in Japan for 2 years.
  81. She rided her bicycle yesterday.
  82. He doesnít have much French francs.
  83. I didnít get many chocolate last Valentineís Day.
  84. They didnít have some fish.
  85. The Ferrari is the most fastest.
  86. I seen many interesting things in Aomari.
  87. I went back to home.
  88. What time did he go to home?
  89. You are a good skier, donít you?
  90. He weared a uniform to school.

How did you do? Were you able to correct all the mistakes? Ask your teacher for help.

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