Common Errors in Higher Levels

Print this page out, then circle the errors. Write the correct sentence on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. If I hadnít studied English, perhaps Iíd studied French.
  2. Q: Did you know that Joe is still in Canada? A: Yes, he had been there since 1973.
  3. America was a safety country where children were able to play on a street without fear.
  4. He was took to the police station where the detective interrupted him.
  5. To get to the bank, you must go along the Main Street and turn onto the Oak Street after the traffic island.
  6. Q: Had this shop used to be a bakery? A: No, it was a butcher.
  7. John and Mary were very happy last week. It was their wedding anniversary. They had been married for thirty five years.
  8. Janet was angry this morning because John had gotten to work before her and took her parking lot.
  9. Jean feels ill, so when we arrive at your house, will you drive a car for us?
  10. Timothy is very upset by Mark shout at him.
  11. I heard that you broke your arm. Iím very sorry about you.
  12. óHe will stay here from Tuesday to Thursday. óGood, so heís going to stay until three days.
  13. Q: When has he been in Britain since? A: Heís been in Britain since January.
  14. Mark has been married for a long time. He got his wife in 1976.
  15. You must come to work early tomorrow. We have meeting with the boss.
  16. Iím sorry about your losing your wallet last Friday.
  17. After Jim was putting on his boots, he also put his hat on.
  18. Q: What do you think about your exams? A: Oh, Iím very worried about it.
  19. Q: Are these the sunglasses that you want? A: Yes, they are. Wouldnít you put them into a bag for me please.
  20. In the karaoke box, the married couple took the microphones and sang the love song at each other.
  21. She wants the coat and if she werenít too cheap, she would buy it.
  22. Him shouting at me made him very upset me.
  23. I was very tired after work yesterday, so I put off my shoes and put up my feet.
  24. Neither of my Russian friends speak English, so youíll have to speak English to them.
  25. During the earthquake, the plates fell down to the floor.
  26. She had to put her coat into the dry cleaners.

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