List of Classmates
Below are three lists of names of classmates that will be invited to our reunion.  They have been sorted according to how successfully they have been located.  If you have noticed that someone is missing from any of these lists, or know where they can be reached, please send me an email asap! 

Hey!  Where is
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Brenda Ahearn, Tom Allard, Greg Caille, Jeff Caille, *Lori (Cardinale) Thibeault, *Kathy Coltey, Kristina (Doe) Rearick, Wendy (DuBrino) LeBel, Jennifer (Duest) Hymes, *Norman Gaudette, Ellen (Gifford) McGrath, Lori (Granat) Granat-Dupell, Andrew Grant, *Marc Haynes, *Holly (Hastings) Hevey, Kathy (Ingemi) Premo, Ann (Jones) Kulesza, Nicole (Kmiecik) Mooney, Christa (Lariviere) Cloutier, Jake Messier, *Karen Papineau, Jeff and Lynne (Thibeault) McCleod, *Carleen McQuaid, Brian Sullivan, *Meghan (Maloney) Sutherland, Paul Morin, *Amy Pechie, *Rebecca Perrin, *Robert Peterson, *Christie (Potter) Driscoll, Shelley (Robbins) Giguere, April (Shipman) Lohnes, *Tim Snay
Lance Buoniconti, Toni (Chaffee) Parr, Russell Charpentier, Cathy Chase, Dawn (Coran) LeClaire, Michelle (Doe) Lund, Kim (Ganutz) Hock, Penny (Gendron) Spenaro, Keith Hastings, Archie Hilton, Jeff Hubacz, Nichole Hutchinson, Gordon King, Alisa (Lackey) White, Lisa Lund, Jason McCarthy, Kelly (Mann) Fernandes, Jennifer (Paquette) Lane, Rebecca Rathay, Jeff Sheldon, Chad Stapleton, Dale Stapleton, Amy Woodis, Todd Young
Colin Carberry, Susan Chabot, Shawn Fitzgibbons, Teri-Anne Mandella, Stephanie Miller, Samantha (Wilson) Boulay
Last updated on March 18, 2005  -- Bon!
Would you please do us a favor?

Register your name (for free) at the following websites for future class reunions: --  This site requires a membership fee to gain access to email addresses of other classmates --  This site requires a membership fee as well and doesn't seem to have a lot of our classmates --  This site is free, but doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other two sites

This will make the job of locating classmates in the future a heck of a lot easier!  Some of you are already there, just make sure your updated email address is listed!  If you don't want to register that's fine -- I will find you one way or another!!  ;-)

Thank you so much!!!!
These classmates have been successfully located.  Hurray!  An asterik (*) in front of your name indicates that you haven't sent me your completed directory/survey sheet.
This list indicates those classmates whose initial mailing hasn't been returned to me by the mailman.  If your name is on this list, please send me an email or snail mail asap letting me know that I have your correct address.  Are you trying to hide from me??  :-)
This list indicates those classmates whose initial mailing was returned to me.  I have absolutely no idea where these classmates are currently located!  If you know the address of anyone on this list (their parents' address will do), I am begging you to send me an email asap!  Hurray!  This list is getting smaller!
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